Photography by Andreas Øverland
- Oslo / London / Frankfurt

916 photos tagged with : landscape
In 2004 I went for a trip to Shetland all alone for a few days. I stayed in different places, either hotels, or rented apartments every night and drove all over the largest islands that make up this wonderful place .It was the first time I drove on the left side of the road, which lead to a couple of interesting situations in the traffic. This dirt road, outlined by the brick walls that criss cross the entire island, was one of the best landscape shots I got on the first day of my trip. I like the way the road seems to disappear almost into the clouds. This is shot with a very wide 16mm lens which always exaggerates perspective, at f/22 for maximum depth of field. At the time I had the Canon EOS 10D, which was my first full frame digital camera.